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What is OPC?

What is OPC server?

What is OPC

What is OPC? OPC is an industrial standard for HMI / SCADA screen objects to communicate with ans give access with other software's. 

What is OPC Server? An OPC server is a translator for all the various industrial communication protocols, devices and computers used in a company.

OPC stands for "OLE for Process Control". OPC has become a real workhorse replacing custom HMI drivers and connecting controls & automaton to the business enterprise. There are currently seven standards specifications completed or in development by OPC Foundation. 

OLE stands for "Object Linking and Embedding". Imagine your HMI or SCADA screen, it is made up many objects. Objects can be picture of pump, gauges, labels, etc. The whole screen with all the objects is the COM(Component Object Model), on your phone DCOM. The screen objects are link to or embedded with each other via Microsoft's OLE standard, and linked to other software via the OPC standard. Some applications may involve XML too.

Who needs OPC training? Maintenance, Process Control Engineers, Application Engineers, Analyzer Technicians, DCS technicians, SCADA engineers, Instrument Engineers, Industrial  Engineers, and Supervisors. All IIoT (Industrial IoT)  platforms should support OPC Classic and OPC UA, along with common industrial Fieldbus like Modbus, Profibus, HART, DeviceNet, and so on.

Want to learn more about OPC? The Pi OPC Master training bundle (< click) is recommend because the professionals above are very busy and need to learn specifically what they will use out in the real world, to do their jobs. This particular OPC training bundle because learner gets hands on experience by downloading free opc server, installing, setting up and using real OPC server software as instructed to in the OPC training course.. 

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