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PLC Training Courses:

Which delivers the Best PLC training for your employees?

Online PLC Training? PLC Training Seminars? Or Onsite PLC Training?

Although an individual seeking PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) training can see from the PLC training courses comparison chart above that a PLC training seminar is a much better investment in their own career than online PLC training, the PLC Training Courses comparison chart above is primarily created for a company's decision making process. Also both the individual and company alike should NOT skimp on PLC training when it comes to PLC course type and provider selection. As lack of best-practices and/or improper PLC training can lead to damage of man and machine!

From a company's perspective, the important considerations when choosing PLC training courses are ...

  • Employee Safety
  • Equipment Safety
  • Reduced Liability and Risk
  • Long term Return on Training Investment
  • Value to Company
  • Focused on Reducing Downtime
  • Reliability in Working with PLCs and Improving Automation Reliability
  • Insurance Best Practices are Used (employees don't just get educated, they get trained)

As a final note, the above is not saying there is not a place for PLC training seminars, online PLC training, PLC training simulators, PLC books, even cheap or free PLC training. As employees should be required to get additional PLC training each year to further reduce company risk and improve value to the company. The aforementioned are great ways to accomplish that goal, but only after employee has had initial Safety, Reliability and Best Practices focused, instructor based PLC training foundation to build on. (Else they may pick up, develop or be taught worse practices and wind up hurting the company or themselves!)

Hope this advice and PLC Training Courses Comparison chart helps your company and you share to help protect others from making bad PLC training choices.


Don Fitchett

President of BIN95

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