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Unique Industrial Maintenance Articles

When you visit the most industrial maintenance articles websites, you find the same common topics, pushing the same common theme. (Also your're swamped with ads and popups.) The most popular website to find Unique topics and unique perspectives on the most popular topics currently being discussed, is BIN95's Industrial Engineering Maintenance Management Articles .


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Newest 7 Engineering-Maintenance-Management Articles:


What is a Pareto Chart and the 80 20 Rule?

Before reading this article, you probably thought you knew everything about what is a Pareto chart and the 80 20 rule. With real world Pareto chart examples, this article will show you critical application knowledge and understanding left out of text books and Wikipedia. Your Pareto chart could be focusing your attention on the wrong area and you never realized it. Everyone will learn something new here or at minimum, have a better understanding.


Hydrogen Fuel Cells Will Revolutionize the Mobile Robotics Industry

This article is about how the hydrogen fuel cell (hydrocell), which will revolutionize the military and industrial autonomous robots industry. Especially the mobile robot industry. It explorers how the the scaling laws of physics reveal the advantages of the hydrogen fuel cell systems.


Industry 4.0 and IIoT Security Design and Architecture

IIoT (Industrial IoT) Security covered in this article. Top Industry 4.0 solutions given on internet of things security and official references on industrial IoT, to keep your smart manufacturing operation secure and smart factory running. also very informative to anyone dealing with IoT devices, even consumer ones.


How to Calculate ROI for Downtime Big Data

This article introduces the two missing elements in most industrial big data initiatives that result in failure for end users to realize thier Return On Investment (ROI) goal. Gain insight on how to calculate ROI for industrial big data collection using a real downtime costing system, TDC.


How to do basic automation control troubleshooting.

While this heat treat case study started out as an assumed PLC troubleshooting challenge, once you go through the process and details, you may notice it really was a Robotic troubleshooting / Servo troubleshooting exercise. (A 2 axis robot)


Technical, Vocational Education vs Vocational Training

Although providers blur the meaning by mostly using the word “training”, when really all they are providing is “education”. (Its a sales thing. “Training” is and should be perceived as more/better than just “education”. Although both are necessary. ) See the definitions, metrics and examples in this article.


LEAN | TPM | Autonomous Maintenance Steps

This is article introduces Lean TPM autonomous maintenance step 0 and provides implementation solutions and advice. You may know the 7 steps of Autonomous Maintenance, but did you know there is a step 0 before Autonomous Maintenance step 1? AM Step 0 first educates operators on understanding how equipment works and general  maintenance best practices like TPM, predictive maintenance, RCA, etc. By starting with step 0, operators have a better understanding and increased buy-in of the other 7 AM steps, greatly increasing the success and return on investment of your AM program.

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