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Lean Six Sigma Failure / Success

Most attempting implementation of Lean Six Sigma will fail, but it doesn't have to be that way...

 Not fail totally, but fail to meet or exceed their Lean Six Sigma expatiation, failure to meet their own specific needs. Some will be met with greater failure, like failure to remain competitive. Those who have read my writings over the last two decades know my own personal advocacy to the proper implementation of Lean is that it must be a systemic approach company wide. Not just Lean manufacturing, but Lean Maintenance, Lean office, even Lean executive management. I have always felt to be truly successful in Lean Six Sigma a company must implement those practices over the entire system, company wide, as well to vendors and support mechanisms.

I have also advocated over the last couple decades that understanding, tracking and making decisions based on "The True Downtime Cost" (TDC) will be the driving force for a company to reach that level of success and also that TDC will be the glue to hold a Lean Six Sigma implementation together over the long term. Also to reach the goal of long term sustainability, I have recommended companies focus on TEEP instead of OEE.

Coincidentally world renown author and consultant Mike Sondalini who also co-authored with me the second edition of my book "The True Cost of Downtime", designed such a reliability engineered system wide approach. Mike's system has been picking up great traction around the world and is known as Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness (IMW). This new approach uses system engineering and system reliability methods to manage the system-wide effects and behaviors of an industrial operation. In Mike's article "Alternatives to Lean Six Sigma Failures" you will begin to see how a reliability engineered approach is taken, and a great explanation of why Toyota Production System works great for Toyota, but not for many other companies. (Spoiler alert, they are not Toyota! :)

Read mikes article "Alternatives to Lean Six Sigma Failures" today, so you can start to avoid tomorrow's failure.


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