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Distance Learning Hands-On training Simulators

With global quarantines, schools, and even companies, seek solutions for the hands-on part of their normal vocational or technical school curriculum.

Individuals seek simulator training solutions too, just because it is a great use of one's quarantine time, and helps with boredom.

With Coronavirus quarantines and school closings around the world, industrial electrical and maintenance training institutions seek distance learning solutions to facilitate what was hands-on training labs at their physical location. As for the foreseeable future, online training, or a hybrid mix will be the norm for technical training institutions, instructors need to use industrial training simulators. Many will see the cost savings as opposed to purchasing and maintaining physical industrial training equipment in the classroom lab, and keep using training simulators. Some will be forced to, just to stay in business.

Shortly after BIN95 wrote the article below, NEMA came out with a 'disinfecting industrial/electrical training equipment pdf', which is basically 2 pages indirectly stating electrical equipment can not be adequately disinfected for the virus. Which is the same conclusion BIN95 came to in the article linked to below.

This "COVID-19 Free Training Simulators" article gives various examples of different types of industrial training simulators and simulation training courses BIN95 offers, and example applications for distance learning. Some of the approaches discussed are an instructor showing themselves using the training simulators via a webcast. Some training software companies like BIN95 have specially modified EULA so instead of just installing training simulators or the industrial automation training certificate courses on student's home computers, not just company for school computers.

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