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Industrial training builds reliability into your process automation.

What is the most commonly overlook automation safety training?

Working with PLCs and related equipment.

Those seasoned vets in our industry know specifying and design of both PLCs them selves as well as the automated equipment cover safety quite adequately. We also realize during the commissioning phase, working with the PLCs and automated equipment safety risk increase considerably. Especially in the area of working with PLCs/PACs. But what most of the industry has neglected, working with PLCs/PACs safely for the other 90% of the automation equipment life-cycle.

So, how is Safety and Reliability, put at risk when working with PLCs?

  • Lack of training
  • Lack of policies and procedures
  • Complacency
  • Lack of security

The above four causes of safety and reliability risks associated with PLCs are in order of importance. The number one cause of risk while working with a PLC, is lack of proper training. 

Safety and reliability get worse with new technology ...

With PACs (Process Automation Controllers), all four categories of risk to safety and reliability have been greatly increased. Mostly due to the fact it is new technology and lack of training. But equally so because of the way the PAC is designed. Read more, see

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