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Free online electrical simulator

Free Online Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting Simulator

This is a free online electrical troubleshooting game. The latest version 4.5 has new game level "Rando" added with it's added features. Once user wins the Rando game level, a new interactive electrical diagram becomes avail to help you troubleshoot electrical circuits quicker and…


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Distance Learning Hands-On training Simulators

With global quarantines, schools, and even companies, seek solutions for the hands-on part of their normal vocational or technical school curriculum.

Individuals seek simulator training solutions too, just because it is a great use of one's quarantine time, and helps with boredom.…


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100+ Online Industrial Training Courses Added

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know about the new OSHA Safety courses available. New content, High-quality HD or better videos, lots of extras. See 

OSHA Forklift Certification Training Series…


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Electrical Troubleshooting Game

Online Electrical Troubleshooting Simulator

O.E.T.S: [pronounced 'oats'] - The only free Online Electrical Troubleshooting Simulator in the world.

Have you had your OETS today?


This online electrical troubleshooting training simulator game app, is like no other. It is compatible with Smartphone's, tablets, PC, Mac, even 4kTV! Designed for Chrome and IE…


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Industrial Maintenance Articles

Unique Industrial Maintenance Articles

When you visit the most industrial maintenance articles websites, you find the same common topics, pushing the same common theme. (Also your're swamped with ads and popups.) The most popular website to find Unique topics and unique perspectives on the most popular topics currently being discussed, is…


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Free Industrial Maintenance Articles in PDF

These free industrial maintenance articles are in PDF so they are easy to print and share with fellow employees or students. (Maintenance management PDF (s) too )

More maintenance management…


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HVAC Training Certificate Course, Online or Download

NEW: HVAC Training: Refrigeration Basics

Earn your certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Basics! 

The Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Basics Certificate Course comes as download, on a USB or online. 

Gain a…


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Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Software

Hi all. I just wanted to share with you our new Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Software. It was primarily designed as a litmus test employers and their human resource departments could use to test new job candidates. A software tool to see if that new potential employee, really does know how to troubleshoot electrical circuits, and how good they are at it. Often…


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New Industrial training videos

The Ning interface to add YouTube videos no longer works. (I believe to sell users their upload service.) So I will just tell you to check out the newest industrial training videos and subscribe to to keep up with the latest.

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What is OPC?

What is OPC?

What is OPC server?

What is OPC

What is OPC? OPC is an industrial standard for HMI / SCADA screen objects to communicate with ans give access with other software's. …


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Free online mini electrical training courses!

Before this blog site closes next month, I want to let you know about a series of free online electrical training courses released. (more to come, so while at each, follow, bookmark, etc.)

See …


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Automation Safety Training

What is the most commonly overlook automation safety training?

Working with PLCs and related equipment.

Those seasoned vets in our industry know specifying and design of both PLCs them selves as well as the automated equipment cover safety quite…


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How to Succeed at Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Failure / Success

Most attempting implementation of Lean Six Sigma will fail, but it doesn't have to be that way...

 Not fail totally, but fail to meet or exceed their Lean Six Sigma expatiation, failure to meet their own specific needs. Some will be met with greater failure, like failure to remain…


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IIoT is just one apple on the Industry 4.0 apple tree.

Industry 4.0, IIoT Implementation...

Industry 4.0 in USA = 'Smart Factory' , 'Connected Enterprise' , etc.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is the application of Internet of Things (IoT) to the industrial sector such as manufacturing and process control. While in the consumer market IoT focus largely on…


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BIN Acquiries Koldwater Electrical Training Software Company

BIN Acquires Koldwater Software, an Electrical Controls Training Software Company


St. Louis, MO--St. Louis based Business Industrial Network ( announced today that it has acquired Koldwater Software Co. (  Koldwater has been a long-time provider of training software for the electrical controls industry. The addition of Koldwater to…


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PLC Training Video Series

PLC training videos and PLC training video series vary greatly...

PLC training videos and PLC training videos can vary greatly depending on their purpose. Starting with a PLC training video that is basically just an ad, can still be of great value, if like the one for…


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IR Predictive Maintenance Training

IR Thermography, Predictive Maintenance Training - PdM Training

It all starts with Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM - SAE JA1011 [3]) and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and I will drill down to the IR thermography training part of holistic Predictive Maintenance Training program.

First lets define what is Predictive Maintenance (PdM)? Predictive maintenance consist of several methods to determine the condition equipment and to predict when maintenance should…


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PLC Education vs PLC Training

Difference Between Education and Training:

First, a disclaimer: For those who found this post via search, this may be of interest to those searching for "Professional Learning Community" content and those interested in applying PLC education model, but this post is specifically related to the difference in ...

Education vs Training

as it relates to ...…


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PLC Training Courses Comparison Chart

PLC Training Courses:

Which delivers the Best PLC training for your employees?

Online PLC Training? PLC Training Seminars? Or Onsite PLC Training?

Although an individual seeking PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) training can see from the PLC training courses comparison chart above that a…


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PLC Tutorial with Free Ladder Logic Simulator

PLC Training - The PLC Simulator

plc simulator

Often a person first starting out seeking PLC Training, unknowingly believes one PLC 'training' solution or the other will adequately prepare them for working with PLCs in the real world. This can be a serious misconception for both the individual and the company, as improper PLC training can and does lead to damage…


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