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i have just started this job and for some reason they have a ton of pressure gages that have the lenses missing. yes i know they go bad, get broken and such but this place is out of control. they do not have a ton of money to just get new gages and the gages are still in good condition. i want to get new lenses, but i just can't find them. i know there out there because the gages come with them. so maybe some people here can help me locate these. i'm hoping there is a supply center that carries this type of part somewhere.  i contacted the name on the gage like ashcroft and noshok and i have been going in circles with them to find part numbers. it seems this is a or should be a normal replacement part. in my past jobs we just replaced them kind of costly but in most cases they were busted up bad anyway and need to be replaced. this company they are just missing and the gage is in good shape otherwise. so i don't feel the need to spend lots of money if i can help it to just replace them.

any help appreciated greatly. thanks

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