Industrial Training for Maintenance and Engineering

Industrial training builds reliability into your process automation.

First of all would like to thank all current members of our reliability network here and hope you all interact and share contents of this site  with others. Second would like to welcome all those viewing this blog post who are not yet members of this Industrial Reliability network hosted by Industrial training company BIN.

Some of you may not know, but this network has a finite number of members. So as we reach the maximum number of members here, we remove the oldest members with no interaction as they were most likely just browsing when registering to be member of this network.

Second, while the blogs, photos and videos posted here are unique and mostly valuable resources, there are also many resources posted directly to my member page that you should be sure not miss. Below are some of the latest examples of my post to my personal member page linked to above. Hope you visit and follow my personal member page to keep learn of additional industrial reliability resources and advice.

Thank you all.

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"There are still a few seats left at"
Feb 17
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" best practice PLC programming coming soon, you will want to link and share this site."

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