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With half the population using smartphones to access the internet, if you are designing website or having one done for you these days, it needs to be a truly mobile friendly design.

Two very important, yet less looked at considerations should be ...

  1. Smartphone Bandwidth 
  2. Smartphone Compatibility

 We opted to design a website just for our mobile users (Pictured on the left)

In doing so, we wanted it to work on all smartphones, both old and new, cheap and expensive. So we used the  world standard W3 Mobile Friendly validator to help us. In doing so we learned the importance of small pages and CSS to conserver user's bandwidth/charges and wait time, and learned how to code with a much higher smartphone compatibility rate

Our site scores a 82%, most mobile websites score a zero as they are responsive so look/work good on new and expenses smartphones, but are too large and non-standard to work on millions of older and less expensive smart phones.

Many say they design or have a mobile friendly website, but they score a 0% on the W3 validator. They are not [truly] mobile friendly. Many are just CMS like wordpress sites, which have way too much hidden source code to ever be considered "Mobile Friendly". Yes, they may look fine on your iPhone 5 or Android/Samsung Galaxy S5, but be too slow or less functional for the millions who have less expensive or older smartphones.

What does you company mobile website score?

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